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Business Support

Business Sponsors Make a Difference

As we know in 2023 our walk, while again virtual, is also supported by businesses. This year will no different.

During these trying times we are grateful for their support and ask you to support them. Want to join them? See our Business Letter.

Businesses helped in 2022. In fact they helped as a part of the $127,000.00 we raised.

Thank Them!


Use Their Services & Products!
We have links below to their websites. Check them out!

They support us, please support them!

Businesses contact us via email

to find out more and join us.

Twenty-five percent of the funds raised in 2023 will be distributed locally to support
Beyond Hunger, Cluster Tutoring, First Baptist Church Melrose Park Food Pantry, Forest Park Food Pantry, Pine Avenue Food Pantry, Proviso Food Pantry, St. Martin de Porres Food Pantry, Vision of Restoration Food Pantry
and Housing Forward.

Listed below are the 2023 business donations that we received.

GOLD Level $500 Plus

CLO Marketing, Inc.

Ideal Facilities Services

Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore

David King & Associates, Inc.

Forest Insurance

Louie’s Grill

Team Blonde

Todd & Holland Tea Merchants

These fine merchants also donated to the walk

SILVER Level $200 Plus


Elite Tire and Auto Service

Forest Park Foot Care Center

McAdams Landscape Professionals

Spotless Car Wash

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