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In our 40th year of our annual Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk in the near west suburbs of Chicago, we continue to be an advocate for those in need of food.
In 2022, our 39th year, we raised $127,000.00 as a Virtual Walk

We were ranked #5 out of 661 Walks in 2021


All of this is accomplished by Volunteers.
Consider joining our Planning Committee by filling out our Volunteer form.


Our support of 10 local charities, as well as the worldwide effort of Church World Service (CWS), who provide assistance in agronomy, infrastructure and best practices for learning about self sustaining ways in their own community to be self sufficient. Learn about their 50 year history. See the 2023 Annual Report.

The Walk was Sunday, May 1, 2022 but on your own. "Walk together apart"
Then at that time, we walked on our own or with our immediately family. We chose a parking lot; a church courtyard or from room to room in your house or apartment; around the block or at a city park. As we walked: text, called or did a video chat with other friends walking at the same time.
With that effort, the same as we have done for 40 years, we hope to repeat this amount with the generosity as a virtual walk as we did last year, in this our 41st annual walk.


Photos / Videos / Links

Photos from the 2021 CROP Hunger Walk are on our Facebook Page.
Our walk was Virtual again this year. The photos were taken at small local walks in support ending hunger.



See the video of our 2021 CROP Hunger Walk

Groups walked locally in support of this year's Walk.



We presented checks for 2019. See our Facebook link for photos.




2019 was the 50th anniversary of CROP Hunger Walks
See this video to learn more 
















​Learn about just one of the areas your money helps.

Margo DeGraff, Country Representative in Haiti for CWS

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