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30 Days Until the 37th annual (now Virtual) CROP Hunger Walk

We are one month from our 37th annual Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk, on Sunday, May 3, 2020. This year is different, very different. With the onset of COVID-19 we are doing a Virtual Walk with the hopes of continuing to raise money for those in need of food. In our 36 years of these annual events we have raised $1,600,000.00 toward the goal of helping those in need. Click here to join now.

Now in 2020 the need is even greater. Normal sources of raising money that were in-person events are now canceled. The reduction in income to buy food at the agencies for those in need is greatly impacted. That is why we need your #passionforcompassion.

We support 10 local agencies* and CWS worldwide efforts in over 55 countries.

Along with our #VirtualCROPHungerWalk there are other ways you can continue to make your commitment to this annual event. Some of them are:

During the Month of April 2020

Spirit Walkers: Participants are encouraged to pray/meditate each day leading up to Walk Day for those impacted by COVID19 and all those who benefit from the CROP Hunger Walk and then set aside a time on Walk Day for everyone to be in quiet reflection for all those in need. You can update your walk page with suggested prayers or litanies – or send out an email each day to your Spirit Walkers with prayer suggestions.

Facebook Live/Streaming Walks

Go “live” on Facebook when you choose to Walk (this can be combined with a number of these others) to let your friends know you’re walking for our most vulnerable neighbors near and far! First open your Facebook app, click as though you’re creating a new post, and then on the options scroll down and click “Live Video.” When you’re ready to start recording click “Start Live Video” and a countdown will begin! Try doing one longer video as opposed to multiple shorter videos to help the video reach more people! You can similarly go “live” on Instagram by simply opening the story feature and swiping over to the “LIVE” option! Be sure to let people know how they can donate too so we can raise the vital funds needed to help our neighbors near and far. You’ll want to set-up your fundraising page at

Facebook Tag Challenge WALK

Have your teams (or individual walkers) video themselves talking about why they participate in the CROP Hunger Walk and why it is important to them. Post videos (do Facebook Live for the easiest way) on social media using #EndHungerNow and #VirtualCROPHungerWalk. Remember to wear any CROP gear! In the video, verbally challenge others to join you in donating and raising funds. Make sure to tag your friends and potential donors in the post text and include your personal/team fundraising page link. Post and re-post until you reach your fundraising goal.

* Beyond Hunger, Cluster Tutoring Program, First Baptist of Melrose Park Food Pantry, Forest Park Food Pantry, Housing Forward, Pine Avenue Food Pantry, Proviso Food Pantry, Quinn Center of St. Eulalia Hunger Ministry, St. Martin de Porres Food Pantry and Vision of Restoration Food Pantry

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