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37th Year of Ending Hunger One Step At A Time

We started the New Year off with discussions and are planning meetings for our 37th annual Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk. Our continued commitment to make people aware, and to raise funds for those in need, is never more needed than today. Sign up is easy, sign up today.

We are mindful of this photo which was published around Thanksgiving but our resolve is to be thankful throughout the year.

Our team is already starting discussions of the things we must do to make this another successful year for the #cropwalk.  As you know, we are among the many hundreds of walk around our country. We are proud of the people in our community who have helped us become #9 in the nation in 2018 in the amount raised; which was over $72,000.00.

In addition, we were #3 in the country for online giving and that is where you can come in to help.  It is not too early to donate; register; start a team and tell your friends about what you are doing right here to help #endhungernow.

As a reminder we just past the 50th anniversary of CROP Walks in America, as this 50th anniversary video speaks to the start and continuing efforts of CROP Hunger Walks.

Please Sign up now and thank you for your making a difference to #endhungernow

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