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A New Year Some New Goals

A belated Happy New Year as our team meets tonight for our first meeting of the 31st year of the Oak Park Hunger Crop Walk.

The team co-coordinators will be mentoring Terry McIntyre and Joanne Despotes this year for the 2015 Crop Walk in Oak Park.  We certainly welcome them aboard and appreciate their willingness to step up and become part of the team to lead the effort in the coming years.

We will all be gearing up for the May 4, 2014 Crop Walk.  We will let you know what the plans are soon.

We have much to think about this year inasmuch as there is a focus on hunger in America and how it is effecting our citizens.  With a cut back in SNAP (Food Stamps) there is even more that needs to be done to help our fellow citizens and those around the world.

Some of our goals will be to increase the number of walkers and business supporters to make 2014 an even more exciting and better year for the charities that  receive the monies we raise at the walk.

Please stay tuned and follow our blog and website for news about the walk and how important your help is in making this a success for those in need.

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