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Our 40th Annual CROP Hunger Walk

As we start planning for our 40th annual CROP Hunger Walk, on Sunday, May 7, 2023, we are reminded of the good people in our community who make this walk and past ones so memorable.

Memorable in the way we come together to let people know here and around the world that the need is continuing and our part is to help with that need.

Statistically there are food insecurities locally and internationally. Our walk raises awareness and money to #endhungernow with a #passionforcompassion.

These hashtags, which are used on social media, speak to what our walkers strive for. We use them here in our blog and on our social platforms as well. It is a reminder what the walk is about and that the people in our community who make a difference, have a passion for doing.

As a reminder we contribute 25% of the funds raised locally and provide CWS Global with 75% for the work they do, both in the United States and around the world.

The local agencies we walked for these past several years are:

Beyond Hunger Food Pantry

Cluster Tutoring Program

First Baptist of Melrose Park Food Pantry

Forest Park Food Pantry, Forest Park

Housing Foward

Pine Avenue Food Pantry, Chicago

Proviso Food Pantry, Melrose Park

Quinn Center of St. Eulalia Hunger Ministry, Maywood

St. Martin de Porres Food Pantry, Chicago

Vision of Restoration Food Pantry, Maywood

We look forward to this 40th annual CROP Hunger Walk and hope that you do too.

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