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Generosity Overflows in 2020

Updated: May 31, 2020

With the generosity and caring of the people who supported the CROP Hunger Walk this year, our 37th annual "virtual" walk, we announce the total raised is $89,069.99. This is a milestone for us as it is the largest amount raised in our history (thus far).

We could not be more grateful for the outpouring of support people have shown to help, as our tagline says, Ending Hunger One Step At A Time. You have all shown that we can do this with your passion for compassion.

We are going to distribute 25% of these funds to: Beyond Hunger; Clustor Tutoring; First Baptist Church Melrose Park; Forest Park Pantry; Housing Forward; Pine Avenue Food Pantry; Proviso Pantry; Quinn Center of St. Eulalia; St. Martin de Porres and Vision of Restoration. All of these agencies have an increased demand on their services due to the world wide pandemic of the novel corona virus.

One small example as reported by Quinn Center of St. Eulalia Hunger Ministries: "Especially because soup kitchen has continued in our parking lot, giving bag meals and groceries. We started with about 24 in March, the first week of our "stay in place' and served 300 last week. Overwhelming."

Chair, Joanne Despotes stated, in the above meme, due to the generosity of so many supporters and the hard work of our planning team, the team captains and participants have made this possible.

What we were planning was turned around 180 degrees and in a matter of days the planning for a "virtual" walk was implemented. It did indeed take everyone's effort to get the word out of how the walk was modified.

Additionally, our continued thanks for business support, who in these trying times, continued to give and support the need to #endhungernow. When things re-open please support them as they have supported us.

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