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Business Support Part Deux

Todd and Holland tea Forest Park

Yesterday we talked about business support.  There are so many to thank who contribute their support and money to the walk. We want to share the support that merchants in Forest Park give to the walk.

One such business is Todd and Holland Tea Merchants in Forest Park. Their story, detailed and shown here is one of a geneses from his childhood to his adulthood. Starting as a web based business, just two years later a brick and motor store was opened to continue the conviction and passion to share how tea can be enjoyed by the masses, and thus the tea merchant in Forest Park was born.

We appreciate the support of many businesses in Forest Park and appreciate their commitment to our voice and walk to end hunger by “ending hunger one step at a time.”

Please support the local merchants of Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest and Austin who support us.

The walk is just a few short days away. Join us.

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