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CROP Leadership Day – We Will Be There

CROP Leadership Day is this Saturday and several of our members will be attending this important and enlightening event.  For the last several years Church World Service has put together a Leadership Day of CROP Hunger Walk Teams who will be holding Walks in the Spring.  We meet like-minded people who work toward their events in towns like Cary/Grove, Glen Ellyn/Wheaton and many more.  We have gotten some good ideas in the past and look forward to more on Saturday.

This year Rev. Lary Jackson, of the CWS Michigan region, who recently returned from a fact-finding mission to Kenya, will share CWS’ work with vulnerable children there.  He will also lead a session about his tried-and-true techniques on increasing CROP funds locally.

We look forward to hearing his stories and ideas to make our CROP Hunger Walk even more successful.  This is a testament to how the CROP Hunger Walk helps the hungry both here and around the world.

Lary has served as an Associate Field Director with CWS in Michigan for the last 7+ years, focusing primarily on coming along side 60 communities in organizing CROP Hunger Walks in western and northern Michigan.  A common thread throughout his time in ministry has been the CROP Hunger Walk, starting in 1981 with the Albany and Holland/Zeeland Walks and then coordinating the Tri Cities CHW for 19 years.

He has been able to witness some of CWS’s ministry in Central America, the Caribbean and most recently in Kenya and Tanzania.  He considers it an honor and privilege to share in this ministry with wonderful colleagues and partners, all who have a heart for empowering the most vulnerable in our midst!  Lary shares “my parents taught me actions speak louder than words, so it is a joy to say:  At CWS Service is our witness!”

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