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Grand Marshal for 2016 Walk

Doug Wyman and Barbara

The Planning Committee has selected a Grand Marshal for the 2016 CROP Hunger Walk. The person we selected is a tireless member of our team and more importantly an activist on the issue of hunger and homelessness. Shown here with his wife Barbara, they continue their 65+ years of marriage and commitment to one another.

Doug Wyman has helped the CROP Hunger Walk for the past 10 years.  He started as a crossing guard and elevated his role on the team to raise money from businesses in the area. He is consistently a top fund raiser for the walk. His positive attitude affects all team members for raising money.  He believes in lofty goals which can be achieved.  Our goal of raising $100,000.00 this year is one he championed, just as he continues to champion the issue of hunger and homelessness. To hear his story of how he become involved, listen to his story recorded in 2014.

As if that is not enough at the tender age of 87, years old he is the co-host of The Doris Davenport Show with Doug Wyman, heard locally on 1490 AM WPNA on Sunday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. To see some of the programs go to their archive to see videos of past programs.

Doug and Doris

He has also volunteered with the Housing Forward.  “I think I bring a sense of history and some wisdom to the program,” he said. His work at PADS for the last 20 years shows his heart and character for people in need or food and shelter.  Here is a video he did for them several years ago.  What he says, still holds true

You can now see why he was selected as the Grand Marshal for the 2016 CROP Hunger Walk.

Join Doug Wyman on Sunday, May 1st at the start of the 33rd annual CROP Hunger Walk.

Sign up and walk with Doug and hundreds of people walking with the goal of “ending hunger one step at a time.”

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