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Largest Amount Raised in 37 years of Hunger Walks Here

We are almost finished processing the contributions made by hundreds of people and businesses and the amount raised, thus far, is more than $85,000.00. This is the largest amount donated in the 37 years of the Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk. It is a testament to everyone involved in the CROP Hunger Walk, for the needs, which could not be more real, as shown in the meme above.

In other times there would be a celebration of how much money was raised but these are not other times. We are grateful to everyone; the faith based and secular communities of people and businesses for stepping up (one step at a time, pardon the pun) to help the local agencies for which we raise funds: Beyond Hunger; Cluster Tutoring Program; First Baptist of Melrose Park Food Pantry; Forest Park Food Pantry; Housing Forward; Pine Avenue Food Pantry, Chicago; Proviso Food Pantry, Melrose Park; Quinn Center of St. Eulalia Hunger Minsitry, Maywood; St. Martin de Porres Food Pantry, Chicago and Vision of Restoration Food Pantry, Maywood.

As we have read and seen, the impact on the services these agencies provide has been effected by a large increase in people seeking food. They have all adapted to new models of distribution and the need for money for these purposes could not be more real. People at food pantries used to stand in line to obtain much needed food. Now we all experience waiting on lines to get food from grocery stores; we are all in this together.

As you know, 25% of the money will stay here in our community and the balance will help those around the world in this time of a global pandemic. If ever before we've had to describe that the 800 plus walks in the U.S. make a difference, it is now more evident than ever.

It should be acknowledged that our team had to pivot from the planned activities for the close to 400 people who volunteer and walk. We had planned to assemble 100 hygiene kits to help CWS with their emergency aid to impacted communities around the world. As we have learned, the need here in the United States was grave and they were able to provide emergency assistance to many cities in the U.S.

Other activities had to go by the wayside because of the virtual walk. This quick 180 degree pivot of our planned walk to a virtual walk, was coordinated in a matter of days.

Thank you to our team, CWS and a special thank you to all of the people who contributed and raised funds this year.

If by chance you have not had a chance to donate, we are still accepting donations, so please consider making a donation now.

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