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New Walk Route and Activities for 2020

For the past several years we have maintained the same walking route and now in 2020 are changing it. We will be centering all our walking and other activities on one site.

This year we will be at Pilgrim Congregational Church and we will walk out from there in a cloverleaf pattern.  Participants may walk all or none of the leaves of the clover.  The only “rest stop” will be Pilgrim.

Maps will be provided on walk day to everyone who walks. To see a larger map click here.

Other activities at Pilgrim will include:

o Packing up Hygiene Kits for Church World Service distribution. CWS Kits* are small packages of supplies assembled by volunteers (that is you) and shipped to families and communities in need around the world – especially in the aftermath of disasters such as Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. We will be assembling 100 hygiene kits at the walk, with your help.

o Making Educational signs for participants to carry on the Walk.

o Music, face-painting, etc.

These are all great activities for children and youth and we hope many will participate!

* CWS Kits are assembled throughout the year and offer a variety of items for disaster areas.

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