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Seek Coordinator(s) for 2013 Crop Walk Team

Will You Take Up the Torch of Tradition?

The CROP Hunger Walkathon West Team is seeking a new Coordinator or Co‑Coordinators to join the 2013 Team.

2013 will mark the 30th year of the Crop Hunger Walk in the OPRF area. Due to our wonderful community, the Crop Walk has been extremely successful over the years, with over a million dollars raised during that time. These funds support the amazing work of Church World Service, which serves those in need abroad and at home. And 25% of the proceeds are distributed to the following nine local agencies right here in our own community:

  1. Cluster Tutoring

  2. Columbus Park Food Pantry (Austin)

  3. Forest Park Food Pantry

  4. OPRF Walk-In- Ministry

  5. OPRF Food Pantry

  6. Pine Avenue Food Pantry (Austin)

  7. Proviso Food Pantry (Maywood)

  8. St. Eulalia Quinn Center Food Pantry (Maywood)

  9. West Suburban PADS

These agencies provide much-needed services to our community and they are so appreciative of the help we are able to give them through the outstanding efforts of all those involved in the Crop Walks, especially now when the need is greater than ever. Feel free to check out our Website at if you would like more information on the local agencies we support.

We are asking for a three-year stewardship commitment. The new Coordinator(s) would be mentored the first year, lead the second year, and train a new Coordinator the third year.

If you are interested in offering your time and talent to fight against hunger here and abroad and keep the torch of the Crop Hunger Walkathon West tradition going, please contact, Pat Eichenold email her at We would be happy to meet with you, provide you with details, and answer any questions you may have.

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