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Thank You All and a Special Thanks to The Wednesday Journal

The CROP Walk has been a tradition in Oak Park, River Forest, and Forest Park for the past 30 years, and with all of the joy and excitement in the air, from start to finish, we couldn’t help but feel that our 30th CROP Walk was the best ever! To date we have raised $51,786.39 and still are counting donations.  A final total will be provided in the near future.

Those of us on the Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk Team are so thankful for all of you wonderful people who have made “ending hunger” part of your life’s mission; without you, there would be no CROP Walk.

We are also exceedingly appreciative of Wednesday Journal Inc., which has provided us space for our full-page “thank you” advertisement for FREE for almost 20 years.  This has provided us with the opportunity to thank all those who donated time, effort, and talents, as well as our supportive local businesses, that together make it all possible!  The Wednesday Journal is the “pulse” of the community, and we are so fortunate to have such a community-oriented paper available in our area.

One of the benefits of the Wednesday Journal is their email updates of breaking news in the community.  We encourage you to sign up for their emails as a further benefit of  providing the best news in the area.  Just click on this link to sign up.

Thank you once again.

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