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Thank You All for an Amazing 2013 Crop Walk

We have so much gratitude for all who participated in our 2013 Crop Walk. We thank every one of you. May God bless you and those we walked for.

Peace and blessings, Crop Team 2013


Holy sunshine


Blessings from Rev. Kathy Nolte

Church DSC_5495

Singing and clapping

Face paint DSC_5455

Face painting and balloons

Inspirational walk signs

St PaulDSC_5525

Rest stops at Ascension and St. Paul’s


Hunger Advocacy Table

Food DSC_5555

Homemade cream cheese, Homemade Crop oatmeal cookies

Finish lineDSC_5551

The Kingdom Runners cheering at the finish line

All of you DSC_5779

And of course, All of You!

Thank  you

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