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Hunger is a ‘silent crisis’ in the USA

Hunger in America continues to be a real issue.  The CROP Hunger Walk gives 25% of the money raised to local agencies that help the hungry.

A USA today article points to the ‘silent crisis’ of hunger in this country.  We have seen the good work out local agencies do in providing either food and/or shelter for people who have a real need.

As a reminder, these local agencies are:

One of the agencies, Cluster Tutoring Program, states: “Most students do not eat dinner before the early-evening session. Snacks help improve their concentration, and also help them learn about healthy food choices.”

Several of the local agencies have websites and some are on social media.  See our Recipients page on our website for their links. Follow them on social media to see how they champion the cause to help end hunger.

The walk is over but our support and their presence in the community is worth your continued support.

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